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4. Discovering the Power of a Strong Why: A Journey Towards Healing

On this healing journey, it is essential to have a clear goal and a strong why. By understanding why you want to improve your health, you can overcome obstacles and make your dreams a reality. Although we know the right things to do for our well-being, sticking to a plan can be challenging. However, by recognizing the strongest motivator of all—our desire for familiarity and security—we can step out of our comfort zones and achieve breakthroughs. It takes courage and dedication to heal, but it all starts with a strong why.


Discovering Your Strong Why To cultivate a strong why, reflect on why you want to heal from your illness. 

The most powerful reasons often involve becoming a better, more loving person for your loved ones and community.

Having a clear “why” is crucial in determining your outcome. Let’s consider a scenario where there is a burning house in front of us. If there’s only $100 inside, it wouldn’t be a strong enough reason for me to enter the dangerous situation. However, if my sister were trapped inside, I would do everything in my power to break in and save her. This analogy highlights the importance of a strong “why.” Now, think about the significance of your health. Your health is a fundamental aspect of your life. How important is it for you to live your life to its fullest potential? I encourage you to journal about this and reflect on its significance.


Envisioning Your Future Journal about the perfect version of your future three years from now. 

Imagine how your health, relationships, and finances would flourish if everything goes well. Summarize these visions on a notecard and review it every morning. You can also explore more advanced techniques such as creating a vision board or writing a letter from your future self. The key is to consistently visualize your desired goals as if they have already happened. Over time, these manifestations become a reality. Here is an example of a vision board and a letter from my future self that I crafted a few years ago. I hope this help you grasp the concept. I started creating my vision board 10 years ago and this is version 20. Many things on my vision board have become a reality, including improvement in my health. I want you to experience the power of clear vision too! 




Taking Daily Action 

Having a clear goal is powerful, but it is essential to take small steps towards it every day. Whether it’s eating healthy, exercising, or meditating, commit to daily actions that align with your vision. These daily actions accumulate like compound interest, propelling you towards your destination. Take inspired action based on your vision and let it guide your progress.



A strong why, coupled with a clear goal, empowers us on our healing journey. By anchoring ourselves to our intentions and consistently taking small steps towards our vision, we can manifest significant transformations in our lives. In a future post, we will explore anchoring, a powerful tool that can further empower you to make the right choices each day. Stay tuned and continue embracing the power of your strong why.

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