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12. LIFE HACK: Do you want to eat a healthy lunch but feel that you are too busy?
Background: Most of my clients are busy parents with 2-4 kids who find it hard to make healthy lunches....
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11. How to Navigate This Blog
Thank you for expressing interest in my articles. In this blog, I have compiled the fundamental concepts...
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10. Unveiling the Path to a Painless Body: The Importance of Persistence and Daily Routine
Having a painless body is not something that comes easily. It requires consistent effort and dedication.   Firstly,...
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9. Mindfulness - Exploring the Inner Child Concept
Have you ever wondered where fear originates from? Was your childhood picture-perfect? If you answered...
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8. Mindfulness - Cultivating Heart-Brain Coherence for Healing
In order for individuals to experience true healing, it is essential to address not only their nutrition...
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7. Optimizing Your Nutrition for a Healthier, Inflammation-Free Life
In this article, we will discuss an anti-inflammatory diet approach that I recommend to my patients....
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6. Alignment: Maintaining a Balanced Body
In our modern society, we spend a significant amount of time sitting. Whether it’s during school...
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5. Creating an Empowering State: Fueling Positive Actions
Before proceeding, I encourage you to review my previous article on discovering the power of a strong...
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4. Discovering the Power of a Strong Why: A Journey Towards Healing
On this healing journey, it is essential to have a clear goal and a strong why. By understanding why...
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3. The Journey to Wholeness: A Model for Transformative Healing
In the pursuit of true healing, it is essential to recognize the intricate connection between our physical,...
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