8. Mindfulness – Cultivating Heart-Brain Coherence for Healing

In order for individuals to experience true healing, it is essential to address not only their nutrition and physical alignment but also their emotional well-being. Anxiety, which is a prevalent contributor to various illnesses, affects many of us.


When faced with a life-threatening situation, such as a tiger launching at you, it is natural for the body to enter fight or flight mode, where you either fight the threat or run away from it. Once you find a secure place, the fight or flight response turns off. However, in modern society, we often perceive threats in social situations, such as dealing with a mean colleague or facing financial insecurities. These perceived threats tend to persist for many hours or even the entire day, even after returning home from work. Chronic stress not only feels uncomfortable but also depletes our energy, leading to a range of health issues.


Let’s consider another scenario. Imagine being in a highly stressful board meeting where your boss is yelling and exhibiting aggressive behavior. Your heart and gut may signal a sense of threat, urging you to escape the situation. However, your logical brain reminds you of your financial responsibilities, compelling you to stay. These conflicting messages within yourself can create a state of suffering. In this situation, attempting to calm down using logic alone may prove challenging since your body instinctively feels the threat. It is important to recognize that in the modern world, your boss won’t physically harm you. This is where mindfulness exercises come into play, particularly heart-brain coherence.


Heart-brain coherence, practiced in various cultures and within disciplines like yoga, focuses on a breathing technique that promotes emotional balance. Heartmath.com has adeptly organized this concept into a comprehensive approach. After experiencing a challenging situation, the goal is to shift from negative emotions to feelings of love and gratitude. The breathing technique trains you to recall a moment in life when you felt immense love and gratitude, allowing you to rekindle and immerse yourself in that emotion. When your heart is filled with love and gratitude, your body feels safe, enabling your brain to finally find calmness.



Heartmath.com (heartmath.com/experience) offers a free, short online training program on heart breathing, and I highly recommend taking advantage of this valuable resource and incorporating heart breathing into your daily routine. By cultivating heart-brain coherence through this practice, you can effectively manage anxiety and promote emotional well-being.


Remember, healing encompasses not only the physical aspects of our being but also our emotional state. Embrace the power of mindfulness and heart-brain coherence to create a harmonious and balanced state of well-being.

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