12. LIFE HACK: Do you want to eat a healthy lunch but feel that you are too busy?

Background: Most of my clients are busy parents with 2-4 kids who find it hard to make healthy lunches. Rather than spending a lot of time cooking and cleaning, which is tough with their busy schedules, here’s what my most successful clients do to meet the 70% vegetable requirement for their anti-inflammatory diet.


Step 1: Please acquire the following superfoods: cabbage, carrots, apples, and celery (optional). Organic options are preferred.



Step 2: Wash them and pack them in your lunch box. Eat them during lunchtime or shortly before lunch. Even if you need to grab Chipotle or a Subway sandwich quickly for lunch, you’ve already consumed anti-inflammatory foods. This is a powerful daily habit.


Portion recommendation: 2 apples, 1 palm-sized carrot (or 3 thin carrots), and 1/4 cabbage (either purple or green).



Step 3: If you often feel dehydrated or tired, consider adding celery. Celery juice is amazing, but making it can be too time-consuming for some of us. In such cases, simply grab a handful of celery and pack it in your lunch bag. Try celery instead of coffee in the morning while working. Many clients have reported experiencing significantly more energy from the live nutrients and superior hydration. It’s worth noting that Costco sells pre-washed celery sticks for its shoppers.


Portion recommendation: A handful.


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