11. How to Navigate This Blog

Thank you for expressing interest in my articles. In this blog, I have compiled the fundamental concepts from my introductory healing curriculum, aiming to share them with a wider audience. While there is more to explore beyond these articles, this collection serves as a starting point, helping you establish the core foundations of your healing journey. Each article is labeled with a numerical order. Feel free to choose the materials that resonate with your interests. However, I recommend following the numerical sequence as it will provide a comprehensive understanding of the underlying philosophy and the reasons behind specific approaches, ultimately supporting you in achieving your desired outcome.


My goal is to assist individuals in attaining optimal health by addressing the root causes of illness. If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, consider our comprehensive online course. Crafted to support your wellness ambitions, it offers a structured path to elevate your health journey.


Thank you once again for your interest, and I extend my warmest wishes for a happy and healthy life.

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