I help you address the root causes of autoimmune diseases, allowing you to regain the joys of life.


About healing with Dr. Eum

Are you grappling with autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus? Do you find yourself battling chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, and anxiety, despite ongoing medical treatments?


If you’re a busy parent, finding time for self-care amidst a hectic schedule can seem nearly impossible. And yet, you’re aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for not just you but also your family. The question remains: Where do you begin in a world flooded with wellness information?


Join my YouTube channel for free holistic healing resources, crafted to fit into your active life. We understand the complexity of your symptoms and offer a seamless solution: practical, straightforward strategies to incorporate an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This isn’t just about personal well-being — it’s about nurturing health for your entire family.


Embark on our healing journey today and join many others who have rediscovered the vibrancy of life through holistic practices. It’s your turn to transform through the power of holistic healing.

Our Approach

Body Alignment

Core balancing exercise



Anti-inflammatory diet


Heart-brain coherence

Inner child work


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